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How You Do Your Makeup For The Wedding Yourself

You want to look perfect on your big day and in case of doubt, you would rather trust yourself than a stranger? We understand that! But it is also risky to make up yourself on your big day as a bride. Especially if you are not an expert. But don’t worry, we’ll be happy to give you some important tips and explain in our tutorial how to make your bridal look yourself step by step.

Instructions for the bride makeup

Do you want to make your own makeup for the wedding? Super! If you don’t have that much experience, it’s best to follow our steps, then nothing can go wrong:

Step 1: Preparing the evening before

Sufficient beauty sleep the night before the wedding day and, of course, but you can still do more to in the morning to look fresh: with peeling on the eve of you remove dead skin cells so that your makeup looks much more even. In the evening, wear a face mask for 10-15 minutes. It provides your skin with moisture and makes you look fresh and refreshed the next morning. You can also stick eye patches under your eyes in the evening, making your dark circles disappear overnight.

Step 2: Your beauty routine on the wedding morning

On the morning of your wedding, use a light day cream that moisturizes your skin throughout the day, but won’t let you shine. It should not be too greasy for the foundation to last. Your complexion will be particularly radiant if you then apply further care with Illuminating effect on cheeks and temples. It contains reflective beads that make your skin shine. Important here: avoid T-Zone and forehead, because your face in a flash (and this will definitely come!) otherwise too much shines.

Important at summer weddings do not forget the sunscreen!
If you get married in summer or even on the beach, a protective sunscreen is a must. A too strong sun protection factor would ensure that you have a slightly white complexion in photos. Fortunately, there are already many sun creams that have been specially developed for the face and are particularly light.

Step 3: Apply the foundation

Flashlight emphasizes pink tones. Therefore, you should use a foundation that has a delicate yellow tone. First cover redness around the nose and mouth and then the entire face. Make sure you make gentle transitions to the neck and neck. These can be seen very clearly on photos later. If you do not know your skin tone exactly, you should first get advice from a professional who will choose the right foundation for you. Of course, you can also use your personal favorite foundation, which you already have in your beauty bag.

Step 4: Apply concealer

Today you want to look especially fresh. Since the miracle weapon concealer must not be missing. With this, you cover the last small blemishes and make your dark circles disappear (if you should still have some after all the care the evening before).

Step 5: Powder

The powder is a must on your wedding day-it fixes your makeup and prevents you from shining too much in photos. Orient yourself to your natural lip color. Use a little more powder than you would actually apply. All the more beautiful you look later on the pictures. If possible, ask your photographer if he can take a test picture of you to refresh your makeup and powder it again in case of doubt – so have your powder with you in your handbag!

Step 6: The eye makeup

So that eyeshadow and eyeliner last all day, be sure to apply a primer that improves the hold of the products and use only waterproof products because there will surely be a few tears. For the most natural look possible, you should use a matching basic tone to your skin color:

Lighter skin tone: white to cream as the root
Medium skin tone: vanilla as the root
Darker skin tone: deaf as the root

Depending on the eye color, these different nuances are then offered with the bridal makeup:

Brown eyes: pastel and green tones
Blue eyes: peach and apricot tones
Green eyes: delicate pink and berry tones

Step 7: Twice (!) rouge application

For a beautiful, rosy complexion, it’s best to use two different blush tones. First, apply a neutral shade to the cheekbones up to the hairline. Then dab a stronger tone on your cheekbones. This should match your lip color.

Step 8: Apply lip balm

So that you do not have to constantly think about whether your lipstick is still sitting on your important day, we recommend you to wear a colored lip balm. It also conjures color on the lips, but fades without residue – should you forget to add.

And finally, the most important tip of all:
Be sure to test your bridal makeup beforehand. A makeup artist would eventually make a tasting appointment. On the day itself, you are much more relaxed and nothing can go wrong!

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