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If life in the summer again – at least in leisure – mainly takes place outside, especially those who can call a garden with terrace their own can be particularly happy. When re-conquering the green habitat in early summer, not only the beautiful weather ensures a good mood, but also the setting up of a beautiful summer spot on the terrace in the summer sun is a lot of fun! For many people it is no longer enough just to get the garden furniture out of the sink, the theme of decoration has finally arrived in the summer living room terrace! Beautifully furnished you can enjoy the sun on the terrace even more beautiful. If it gets too hot during the day, you can create shade with awnings.

Design & decorate a terrace

Meanwhile, the terrace is used by many simply like an additional room available only in summer and furnished and decorated to your heart’s content and mood! The same rules apply outdoors as well as indoors: First, the right fabrics and beautiful lighting for the evening make a simple summer-seat at the right oasis of well-being. With colorful textiles, torches, candles, and lanterns, it remains outside in the soft evening light wonderfully cuddly and cozy and you would like to stay the whole night on the terrace, sitting under the open sky.

Setting up the terrace

On the terrace, you can create with textiles and colors but of course also with certain plants, certain moods. This is helped by an imaginary furnishing motto, which you can orientate yourself on when buying new garden accessories and/or plants. Even with colors and plants that are typical of a country or a region, you can quickly bring the appropriate flair into your own garden and cheat yourself a bit of holiday feeling on the terrace.

Terrace design: The best ideas for the terrace

Some even move their lives more or less outside in the summer months and carry their furniture into the garden. There are chairs and beds and shelves suddenly outside again. Yes, admittedly, in our latitudes this is not necessarily unconditionally recommendable, but the idea is at least a very nice one, isn’t it? There is also countless furniture suitable for the garden, which can be left carelessly on the terrace all summer.

On this page, you will find many design ideas for your terrace. Get inspired and set up outdoors!

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