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The most beautiful craft ideas with paper

Homemade decorations and gifts made of paper exert a tremendous fascination with many. The craft ideas are just as diverse as the application possibilities of those. Here you will find numerous tips on DIY ideas made of paper for every occasion and how you can bring them to bear.

The special appeal of paper decoration

Paper decoration inspires young and old – and that both when doing it yourself as well as when decorating or as a loving gift idea. Paper has the advantage that it is very easy to process and ultimately exudes an airy and not burdensome character in the living environment. Therefore, not only pure decoration is very popular as a productive result when making paper, but also the DIY of useful home accessories.

You can process paper with all possible techniques and quite simple tools. Usually, the paper material, scissors or Cutter, a pencil, ruler, and adhesive are sufficient. Thus, craft ideas made of paper are even suitable for children, who usually have great fun with it and on top of that are promoted in their creativity and ability to concentrate. Depending on the degree of difficulty of the craft instruction, everyone can actually do the work with paper. Even older people, such as grandparents, like to deal with the easily malleable Material, which even with slightly shaky hands produces pretty decoration as a result. If you feel like it, you can not only make great paper decorations on your own but also involve your children, relatives or friends in the craft round.
In addition, the joint tinkering fosters social togetherness and spreads enormous joy.

Make your own seasonal decoration from paper

The seasons have always inspired us with craft ideas with which we decorate and beautify our surroundings. Nature and a number of traditions provide the ideas – and these are extraordinarily wide-ranging. Decorative elements are very popular at Christmas time, at the awakening of spring and Easter.

Christmas decoration illuminates the dreary, dark season and brings cozy comfort to all rooms. Paper stars or other Christmas motifs also give your home a festive touch, which already provides atmospheric moments in the run-up to Christmas.
An advent calendar for your loved ones must of course not be missing and lifts the anticipation of Christmas. You can make this Christmas decoration from empty toilet paper rolls, kitchen rolls or matchboxes, which you fill with small gifts or sweets. To do this, simply collect the Material that is constantly accumulating in the household and glue it to each other. You can also hang the painted or glued containers on cords and thus create a delightful wall decoration.

Floral motifs are suitable as spring or Easter decorations, which you can make in the form of paper flowers from Origami for hanging – or as a stand for the table decorations. Of course, the image of the Easter Bunny should also be included in the decoration. Table stands can be excellently made from colored clay paper or craft cardboard. The higher the paper density, the better your spring-like craft ideas will Stand. To do this, draw your desired motif on double laid paper, cut it out and leave the upper end of the motif uncut. Bend the lower ends outward – and your artwork is done.

There are numerous instructions for folding Origami in books or on the Internet. The ideas range from animals to paper flowers such as Iris and Crocus and enrich your spring decor or Easter decorations all out of proportion.
Spring also opens up the open-air season, which really makes you want with beautiful paper lamps on the balcony or in the garden. A very fast, but very romantic looking paper lamp you can make from a Windlight made of glass, which you pack in a sandwich bag. If you crumble the transparent paper a little, the effect of the dancing candlelight increases.

Home accessories and gifts made of paper

Small gifts maintain the friendship, and self-made this a higher priority. If you can then put the topic of upcycling in your craft ideas made of paper, you are absolutely in the Trend.
Cardboard and paper are often packaging of consumer goods, which we buy almost daily-and then dispose of. Newspapers, catalogs, old books or wallpaper scraps are just as important. But the reuse of paper is not only environmentally friendly but gives homemade things a very special and unique charm.

For example, you can make a flat-file folder or presentation folder yourself by slicing solid cardboard, folding it in the middle and then gluing it with paper scraps of your choice.
Extra tip: If you want to have a folder with a closure, two gift ribbons – stuck to the vertical, open side – are a good solution. For this, you can also use leftovers if you have any available.
From sturdy wallpaper, you can make excellent bottle bags, which you can use either as a stylish gift packaging or as a bottle holder for hanging for your kitchen. Take a used and opened-bottle bag as a template. The adhesive points hold best with double-sided adhesive tape and a natural cord or braided raffia is very suitable as handles.

Of course, very attractive craft ideas are also created from newly purchased paper. In addition to Origami, there are endless possibilities that make up the magic of DIY ideas. Self-made greeting cards, which are nicely pasted on or come in 3-D cutting technique as a fancy pop-up card, delight every recipient. The paper cut creates a beautiful decoration for the children’s room and the paper curls not only produce a fantastic wall decoration – but it is also suitable for the production of extravagant jewelry. For this, you need hanging eyelets made of metal, to which you attach curled paper strips in your desired design. However, this fine folding requires a high level of dexterity and some practice.

Have you now also caught the fever of crafting DIY ideas from paper and are you looking for more great instructions and inspirations from real apartments?

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