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Summertime is garden time! When re-conquering the green habitat in spring, not only the beautiful weather ensures a good mood, but also the setting up of a beautiful summer spot in the spring sun is a lot of fun! For many it is no longer enough just to get the garden furniture out of the sink, the theme of decoration has finally arrived in the garden. On this page, you will learn everything about the feel-good place garden; on the topics of planting, garden decoration and of course also for the perfect garden party!

Flowers and lush greenery: garden planting

Whether wild or clearly structured, the possibilities to customize your own piece of nature are almost unlimited. Especially beautiful is garden decoration with different flowers because with its great color accents can be set. But Green – in-Green can also be beautiful: shade-giving trees, lush Ivy and various ornamental and crop plants look wonderful in any combination. But also the Trend towards your own bed and so-called urban gardening does not let up: whether vegetables, herbs or small fruit bushes – many fruits and vegetable varieties can be grown and harvested by yourself.

Garden ideas: seats in the garden

Who has a beautiful garden, would like to stay in it, of course! With garden furniture, you can arrange comfortable seats in the countryside. Furniture made of teak or metal, for example, is suitable for outdoor use. Garden benches are very popular as a complement to the seating group around the garden table or individual seating in the shade of the favorite tree.

Garden furniture such as loungers or small tables made of Polyrattan are also a good idea: with them, you can set up a cozy summer living room under the open sky and you can easily withstand occasional summer rain. For those who simply want to enjoy the sun, hammocks and armchairs are also recommended, where you can forget the world while reading an exciting novel.

Decoration ideas for your garden

There are also many great garden accessories especially for outdoors, from the planter for the terrace planting to the original garden lighting. Solar lights, such as the sunglass, fairy lights or lanterns provide an atmospheric atmosphere – great for any garden party! In addition, there are many DIY garden ideas for garden lighting; for example, homemade votives from old tin cans!

Even small swimming ponds can look beautiful in the garden. They are more natural and easy to maintain than Pools and you can admire them all year round. If the garden is not big enough, you can also buy a small fountain made of stone or granite.

Oasis Of Peace: Trend Garden Bed

A beautiful garden trend is a bed for outdoors: whether in the evening with many cozy pillows or in the bright sun with a cool drink-the garden bed offers a relaxing retreat outdoors. The oasis of peace is perfect.

Garden party

In summer, the private garden becomes the perfect background for relaxing dinners with friends or fun barbecues on warm summer days. Colorful garlands and paper lanterns give the garden a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere in which all guests feel comfortable. Of course, table decoration is also important: colorful vases with fresh flowers and DIY paper tea lighthouses or original candle holders and lanterns complement the garden table perfectly and provide the right ambiance.

Let yourself be inspired by the countless garden ideas on this page and show your favorite outdoor spot!

The most beautiful garden ideas and photos for garden design
Since its own gardens are increasingly used as a domestic oasis of well-being, the importance of garden design is also increasing. With garden design ideas and their optimal implementation, however, some garden fans do something difficult. Here you get some great tips on the possibilities of ideal garden design and can also send your garden design ideas on a creative journey of discovery based on our garden design pictures.

Locations and meaningful planning of garden design

For a planned garden design, the analysis of the demands and events on-site is essential. Because not every mental idea can be realized everywhere without problems. The space available for beds and plantings, the existing soil quality and, not least, the observance of the sunlight are very important factors that you should consider before beginning your garden design.

The needs of the plants are just as important as your personal wishes in order to keep the blooming or green creatures beautiful and alive for as long as possible. For example, if you want to create a show garden with accurate planting and a pond, good topsoil is absolutely necessary. And the necessary suitcases for the pond should not disturb your landlord – if you have one – what you can best be confirmed in writing.

You should also pay attention to the effort for regular garden maintenance because this can require several hours of use. If there are also trees on your garden plot, the annual tree care is added.
Extra tip: Ask a local gardener what is a supportive care cost, if you do not want to waive certain care-intensive plants or trees. So you can calmly tackle the garden design with your favorite plants.

Implementing garden design with ideas perfectly

Privacy often plays a very important role in the garden design ideas, because no one wants to have strangers watching while relaxing or working in the garden. Hedges, bushes, and trees are indeed expensive to maintain but offer natural and green boundaries that even provide shade and good air. Other examples against prying eyes are garden fences with Bast mats or Willow lichens as well as trellises planted with flowers.

If the environment of the property is very heavily frequented by public traffic and dense planting as visual protection is not possible, a permanently installed garden wall may help you as the last resort. For this, however, you should also obtain permission from the landlord or building authority, so that your garden design idea does not cause any trouble.

Each Bed should ideally have a barrier-free access route. So you not only make gardening easier but can really enjoy your fragrant and flowering plants while strolling around. For the design of the paths, gravel is suitable as Surface design and stones for edge construction.

A well-kept lawn or a natural meadow is an absolute must for many outdoor lovers when it comes to garden design ideas. No wonder, because such a green bed is a popular place of settlement for humans and animals and on top of that enables sporty romping for the preservation of health.

Garden decoration and furniture for outdoors

Any skillful garden design simply includes garden furniture and effectively staged decoration.
Furniture for the garden is available in several variations and structures but should be suitable for outdoor use. The materials are varied and range from wood and metal to durable plastic material. In natural gardens, wooden furniture or wrought iron chairs and tables look particularly nice. For a children’s corner on the terrace, robust, easy-care and easy-to-wear plastic furniture in colorful colors may be the better choice.

At the garden decoration lanterns, lanterns or small solar lamps to plug into the bed are absolute eye-catchers. Effective light plays enrich especially in the evening hours the romantic and sensual flair of your garden design. DIY and your creativity really know no limits here – because self-designed decorative elements raise the individual note of your garden design immensely.

Did you like the tips on garden design and would you like to see suggestions from real environments? The picture gallery of our garden-loving members offers you numerous inspirations.

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