Garden Ideas

Garden Decoration Ideas

The most beautiful ideas for your garden decoration!

The garden gets the final touch only with the right decoration. As in the living room, you have many opportunities in the garden and on the terrace to create a beautiful atmosphere with details. With small eye-catchers, you can set pretty accents everywhere in the garden.

Garden decoration with plants

Of course, plants belong in every garden. When planting, however, one should think carefully about how to arrange which plants, because they shape the appearance quite decisively. A lot of bamboos, for example, looks rather Asian-of-factly, wild roses reminiscent of an English Cottage, and wild grapevines and oleanders look Mediterranean. In principle, you should, of course, be guided by your personal taste, but ultimately it can only be useful to consider the effect of the selected plants in advance. Also colorful planted large flower pots look great in the garden or as a boundary to the terrace, so you can distract from sober concrete floors, for example.

Garden decoration with textiles

Just as important as plants are textiles in the garden because they make it homely! Cozy cushions make garden furniture really comfortable. Also here you can create moods with different colors and of course, sew or design seat cushions yourself. Especially cozy in a large garden can also be a playground made of many different pillows and beanbags, where you can read and relax in the sun. If you do not have a large garden and feel disturbed by the views of the neighbors, you should install a screen made of fabric.

The right lighting in the garden

Especially when it starts to dawn in the evening, it becomes really cozy outdoors with the right garden decoration, which also includes the lighting. The night is lame and the crickets chirp, you sit with a glass of wine and nice people under the starry sky and would prefer never to go to bed. Just then, a pretty garden and patio lighting is particularly important. The most beautiful and natural lighting is, of course, flattering, warm candlelight. Pretty lanterns – distributed throughout the garden-provide small glimpses of light, but also torches provide attractive light in the darkness. By the way, torches are best put in plain tin buckets filled with sand in the garden.

On this page, let yourself be inspired by the most beautiful garden decoration ideas and set up your living room in the green!

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