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Do it yourself ideas for your home

Do it Yourself – in short: DIY – is a huge trend among all furnishing fans: making your own decoration is also much nicer than just buying everything off the shelf! The possibilities are endless; there is no DIY idea that does not exist! Starting with small craft ideas with paper, over colored home textiles with dip or batik technology or homemade lampshades, up to the self-built bed. Also together with children, you can implement many DIY projects; so their imagination is stimulated and they can help to create a beautiful home. We have DIY ideas and instructions for every taste and skill! Get inspired for your next project here!

Recycling and Upcycling

The DIY movement is not necessarily based on the idea of saving, because self-made things are not necessarily cheaper. Much more, many DIY ideas are inspired by the urge to create something individual and unique and the idea of sustainability. If old objects are reused and upgraded, one speaks of recycling or upcycling. Examples are vases or storage objects made of old, painted tin cans, mason jars as storage containers in the kitchen or furniture made of Euro pallets.

DIY decoration and home accessories

With DIY decoration, every home becomes even more individual! Every home-made accessory is a very personal object and always unique. In addition to hereditary and collector’s items, only such special items make an apartment a home. So it’s always worth venturing into a project as a DIY newcomer. There are numerous possibilities and all kinds of materials with which you can make many great and unique decorative accessories.

Popular DIY techniques

There are many different craft techniques for DIY home accessories. Especially craft ideas with paper are very popular. For example, origami figures are quickly folded or bowl made of paper, which makes a lot of decorative objects. The trendy material concrete has also become a real DIY favorite: you can easily water vases, bowls or objects such as small houses yourself. The concrete look alone is beautiful, but you can also paint, spray or dip your decorative objects with paint.

With colors you can generally achieve a quick effect: if you give objects a new coat of paint, they quickly shine in a new look, completely adapted to your own living style. An unloved, old Vase with spray paint becomes a new favorite in no time, the old farmer’s cupboard a great eye-catcher. Skillful hobby painters can also try their hand at porcelain and glass painting; porcelain pencils can be used to creatively design dishes.

A rediscovered DIY technique is traditional pottery. Objects are built or turned from clay, glazed in the desired colors and then fired. This creates great individual pieces, for example, flower pots, jewelry bowls or plates, and cups. Pottery is a Trend and so courses are offered everywhere in which clay and kiln are put.

DIY wall decoration

There are also countless DIY ideas for the design of wall decorations. For example, you can paint picture frames according to your mood and taste or create great pictures yourself, for example with a paper cut or with the help of stamps or dried, pressed flowers. Original wall decoration in the form of a collage can also be made from favorite photos or newspaper clippings. Even a personal DIY wall calendar is a nice idea!

Another beautiful idea is a homemade Garland-not only in the nursery. From colorful patterned paper or cardboard, you can cut pennants and hang them with yarn. But you can also hang other items such as souvenirs from your holiday or finds from the forest walk as a garland – in the entire living area or on the balcony. A similar craft idea is homemade Mobiles!

There are also practical DIY ideas for the wall: you can make a wall for the study or memo board for the hallway or the kitchen from Cork or perforated plates. Every hardware store offers all the ingredients, even magnetic wall paint or panel paint in different shades. Also with Washi Tape, you can quickly beautify your wall: with the adhesive tape made of rice paper in different colors and patterns, you can glue beautiful motifs and also simply remove them.

DIY table decoration

For festive occasions, there are many DIY and craft ideas for an original table decoration: self – bound flower wreaths, embellished vases or DIY tea light holders made of decorated or painted glasses are always well received by guests. You can even design or color the tablecloth with stamps, fold the napkins nicely and make small place cards.

Make your own seasonal decoration

The different seasons or festive occasions are made for home-made decoration: motifs from nature are adapted for spring, summer, autumn or winter decoration and there are also many DIY ideas for Christmas, Easter, weddings and birthdays, Mother’s or Valentine’s day. With homemade invitation cards, place or menu cards on the table and small, homemade gifts or at least gift packaging, you can simply make your loved ones happy and make the party personal.

Textile Handicrafts

From fabric, wool and yarn you can conjure up all kinds of beautiful things for your home: cushion covers can be sewn, dyed, painted or printed, table linen with colors or embroidered. The DIY movement has made textile handicrafts from weaving to knitting, crocheting, and sewing again modern and there are countless ideas for home-made home textiles, with which you can set great color accents to round off your color concept.

Stamping and Printing

To print great motifs on pillows or tablecloths, you can make stamps yourself, for example from potatoes: paint the favorite motif on a potato, carve it with a Cutter or craft scalpel and then paint with textile paint and start printing. Cork or foam rubber is also suitable for a stamp, a related technique is a linocut.

A somewhat more complicated printing technique is Screen Printing, in which color is printed with a rubber squeegee through a special fabric on the desired material (textiles, ceramics, wood, plastic or glass). The best way to do this is to go to a textile factory, where you will find the necessary machines and a selection of existing printing templates.

Textiles dying

There are different dyeing techniques for Textiles, for example, Batik or Shibori. The textiles are processed with wax before dying, folded and laced to create patterns. So you can easily make pillows, curtains, tablecloths or towels in the trendy Hippie Look yourself. Also beautiful are color gradients, also called Ombré: instead, dip the textiles into the desired color and let them act for different lengths. Some fabrics such as silk draw the color by themselves.

Sewing and Embroidery

With a little practice and a sewing machine, you can also sew great pillowcases, curtains or fashionable Accessories from your favorite fabrics. Before setting up your own sewing place at home, you can learn the basics of sewing at adult education centers or in DIY Cafés during an introductory course. Sewing patterns and accessories for your own DIY ideas can be found in the haberdashery or on the internet on the well-known DIY pages.

Knitting and Crochet

Knitting is also relatively easy to learn. With simple, right or left stitches, not only fashionable accessories such as hats, sweaters or scarves can be knitted themselves, but also great home textiles, from pillowcases to great knitted poufs and floor cushions to cuddly blankets. For experienced knitters, there are exciting knitting techniques for different patterns and the combination of a different wool.

Similar projects can also be mastered with the crochet hook: the trend is Granny Square ceilings, which give the apartment a beautiful vintage flair. In contrast to knitting, you only need one crochet yarn when crocheting. Many often find crocheting easier because you don’t need so much practice and coordination. Another difference to knitting: the crocheted fabric is relatively firm compared to the knitted fabric. It is thus more resilient and keeps the shape, for example as a potholder or coaster.

A great Alternative to normal crochet yarn is the thick, recycled textile cords called Zpagetti, a waste product from the textile industry. To crochet with Zpagetti you need a particularly thick, special Zpagetti crochet hook, because the diameter of the Zpagetti material is between 0.8 and 2.5 cm. So, of course, the object grows much faster and in no time you have made a unique accessory!

Weaving and Macrame

Also weaving is one of the current DIY Trends! With different yarns, wool and other ingredients such as pearls can make great textiles yourself. For this, you need a loom with boat and comb and a loom needle or coarse stitch needle. Then you can let your creativity run wild and, for example, weave a tapestry in favorite colors.

The macrame knotting technique works very similar to weaving – only without a loom! The Oriental DIY technique works with different knots with the working threads (which form the knots) on carrier threads (which carry knots). With special macrame yarn and wooden beads for decorating you can make yourself Great Flower lights, tassel chains or a wall hanging.

DIY projects with felt

There are also countless craft ideas that felt! You can, for example, make colorful felt cushions, Ipad bags, funny figures or coasters yourself. Felt is stable and at the same time pliable Material, which you can either make yourself from wool or buy ready-made. With prefabricated felt plates or balls, you can realize many DIY ideas, for example, sewing baskets yourself, cutting out coasters and making pillows or carpets.

Make lampshades yourself

Lampshades can be embellished without much effort by sourcing them with the favorite fabric itself. But you can also, for example, stick flowers on a simple rice paper lamp or paint with other natural motifs, which then create a beautiful shadow play in the room.

With the napkin technology, motifs of colorful napkins can also be effortlessly transferred to rice paper lamps. For this, you only need the first layer of fabric of a napkin with a nice pattern, a bit of glue and a brush. Of course, you can also make the lampshades completely yourself, for example with a self-folded origami lampshade.

Buy craft supplies

Today you can order all craft materials for beautiful DIY ideas comfortably over the Internet and have them delivered directly to your home. Online shops such as Dawanda are suitable for this, where you can find everything in addition to instructions and all craft accessories. If you still prefer to buy in person, you can go to hardware stores such as the idea Shop or DIY stores, which have a large range of crafts and where you can really find everything you need for your craft ideas.

Build your own furniture

In addition to the small DIY projects, there are also more elaborate ideas, for example for home-made furniture. Today you get all the necessary building materials in the hardware store and can build furniture from table and bed over the dresser to the wardrobe even with little craftsmanship, for example from old pallets or wine boxes.

Furniture from other manufacturers can also be upcycled with new fronts, new handles or new paint. There are also replacement feet for chests of drawers, armchairs, and sofas; this does not require much effort, but guarantees a great effect!

Creative ideas for a beautiful home

The beauty of DIY is that there are no limits: everything is allowed. You can tinker, paint, screw and tailor your idea to your interior taste. With a bit of skill and patience, home accessories and furnishings are created that are not only beautiful, individual and perfectly adapted to your own needs, but of which you can rightly be proud! Do you want to get creative yourself? Then get inspired by the DIY ideas on this page and discover many do-it-yourself tutorials!

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