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The most beautiful country house living room

Fresh, clean, elegant – the modern country style is the perfect living style if you want to combine coziness with clear structures and stylish accessories. Stage high-quality natural materials such as solid wood, linen or cork in an interesting interplay with designer lights, simple tables, and delicate pastel colors. Traditional elements such as a rustic fireplace, an old door or ceiling beams almost look like art objects when you skillfully place them in a bright and friendly room. But even if you just want to redecorate a little – with the right colors and some decoration tips, your living room becomes a noble country house room in no time! By the way, the modern country look also comes into its own in city apartments and gives small living rooms a fresh ambiance without appearing oppressive.


Pure and high quality: Inspiration for walls, ceiling, and floor

It doesn’t always have to be white – the modern country style also looks fresh and weightless in delicate pastel colors. Cool light blue gives your living room maritime flair and reminds you of a summer holiday in Scandinavia. For the French country style, the colors may seem a little more romantic. Powdery lavender tones or elegant beige bring the scent of Provence into your home. Just as important as the wall design is the ceiling design. Rough wooden beams are an interesting contrast to bright walls and provide a rustic ambiance. This is matched by a real wooden floor in used look, which looks particularly elegant in light tones.

Country house furniture provides the authentic look

The Sofa is probably the most important piece of furniture in the living room and especially in the modern country style, it has a very special role. When setting up: coziness is a trump! A large sofa or sofa bed made of natural, matte materials invites you to read and dream. Bright colors ensure harmony and make your living room a relaxing retreat. This is matched by a Chesterfield-style wing chair with large buttons. At the coffee table, you are spoilt for choice. Simple tables in 60s look with outward-facing table legs are just as attractive as rustic wooden tables or simple, Scandinavian creations.

Dreaming, cuddling, staying: home textiles provide coziness

In the living room, you listen to music, watch your favorite movie, knit a scarf, read a book or pursue other relaxing Hobbies. For this reason, friendly home textiles play an important role in the modern country look. Coarse plaids and noble cushions made of linen, cotton or Merino make your living room particularly cozy and also create a balance to cool wall colors and simple furniture. Also very precious, a coarse-woven carpet with subtle geometric patterns or a nautical Sisal carpet is. Ideal for the winter: a sheepskin adorns the armchair and stool and provides Nordic flair and hut romance.

Perfect Partner: Fancy wall decorative and stylish lamps

Wall decoration and lighting also go hand in hand with the modern country house style. Choose a special place for Vintage prints, cross-stitch DIY projects or braided wreaths, and use ceiling lights or arc lights to ensure optimal illumination. The must-have for the modern country look is the floor lamps or ceiling lights in the style of the 60s. Balloons or puristic pendant lights in bright colors make your living room appear pleasantly clean without looking sterile. Romantic and a little fairytale-like: attach fairy lights in the shade of warm white around a piece of driftwood that you attach to the wall above your sofa.

The guarantee for individuality: accessories and decorating ideas
Home accessories are the icing on the cake and ensure that your living room in the country style gets an individual Look. Since the modern country style is also a versatile furnishing style, accessories of various styles are available to you. For example, design your country house living room Scandinavian and focus on modern decoration with interesting lines. Purist the vases, or wooden sculptures are typical accessories of a Nordic interior. The modern French style, on the other hand, is playful and romantic. Wallplates, decorated porcelain tins, and ornaments ensure elegant and Southern flair.

Landhaus meets Bohème: even shabby and Vintage elements in small cans are an interesting decoration idea. Old wooden chests or embroidered cushions are in contrast to simple floors and walls and bring a little excitement into your cottage living room.

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