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Country House Decorating Ideas

The simple modern country look impresses with clean lines, rustic furniture, and bright, friendly colors. All the more important are selected home accessories that give your apartment a personal touch and make every room look more lively. The decoration is not only limited to purely aesthetic accessories such as candles, flowers, or posters. Also, functional objects such as wall clocks or bedside lamps in vintage look, decorate your apartment and make for a special ambiance.

By the way, the modern country house style is also very good in the mix with other furnishing styles. Romantic decoration in the shabby chick, Scandinavian home textiles, Dutch ceramics or maritime decoration ideas in the Long Island look give your living style a special character and make your house unique. Beautiful is what pleases!

Be careful to use natural materials such as wood, stone, linen, or wool. They provide authentic flair and are pleasantly homely. Ideal for creatives: emphasize your style with home-made decoration from found objects or recycled furniture, glasses, preserves or fabrics. The result – from the decorative cushion to the candle holder-not only convinces with the unmistakable DIY charm but also makes a meaningful contribution to environmental protection.

So you decorate bright walls in country style

Wall decoration makes rooms appear deeper and creates a good counterweight to bright, simple walls, especially in the modern country style. It is important here: limit yourself to one or two walls per room so that your home accessories stand out. Also, consider what effect you want to achieve with your wall decoration. Letters, words or even quotes give your apartment a modern touch and are especially suited to Scandinavian country style.

Or should your apartment get a little Southern and maritime flair? Here you can find decorative ropes and homemade macrame with pearls and feathers. Rustic and atmospheric are stylized antlers, horseshoes or old wooden planks, which you sand smooth with sandpaper.

Oldschool: in a noble and puristic apartment wall plates set interesting accents and provide retro flair. Not to forget: high-quality art prints or fashion photographs contrast with traditional country house furniture and are also a noble eye-catcher.

Table decoration provides flair not only when eating

Exquisite table decoration decorates your dining table, your coffee table and in summer also your garden table. It has the advantage that it is usually light and portable. You can adjust them accordingly quickly to different occasions or seasons. Flower decoration is a must-have in a modern country style and brings a touch of nature into your home. For the spring fresh Hyacinths or tulips are a good choice. During the summer months, lavender, lilac, and cornflowers exude their irresistible fragrance.

In autumn it is mainly ornamental pumpkins, nuts or brightly colored foliage. Especially in the cold season, decorating is a lot of fun, because you can beautify your table with branches or pine cones. Simple candle holders fit perfectly with floral decoration and make your table look festive and cozy. Wood discs or craft coasters are suitable as a base. And of course, delicate flowers have their big appearance when you drape them in old wine bottles or in Le Sac en Papier. But: less is more. Focus on selected table decorations, which you put in the center without overloading your table.

DIY ideas for the modern country look

DIY projects have a very special charm, as they give your apartment an individual touch and also look casual and playful. Self-made decoration in a rustic style should meet two criteria: naturalness and purity. In particular, using found objects from natural materials such as wood, stone, sand, shells, or leaves, you can decorate excellently or refine.

Atmospheric and elegant: perforate recycled cans with hammer and nail and then paint them with matte paint. The result is a modern, reduced version of traditional Moroccan lamps. Upturned wine glasses become a noble, transparent candle holder in no time and radiate summery lightness. And functional decorative objects such as wardrobes made of old wooden planks also have a beautiful and rustic effect, which underlines the naturalness of the modern country house style.

Not to forget: Also upcycling ideas fit very well with the modern country look! Make your sewing machine table for minimalist and decorative desk or embroider old pillowcases with letters or graphical patterns.

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