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The most beautiful ideas for your balcony, your summer living room!

Local outdoor lovers are often looking for beautiful balcony ideas that help to optimally design an existing balcony. Balcony design ideas there are many, but not everyone is equally suitable for every building. Here you can read about the floating seat outdoors and also get some helpful tips on balcony ideas and how to implement them as needed.

History of the former balcony ideas

Having an apartment with a balcony is still a great privilege for some and almost a matter of course for others. However, for most balcony owners, being at home and yet outdoors is an enjoyable place to stay.

Balconies are therefore popular outdoor seats and yet they do not exist as long as we know and appreciate them today. Until the end of the 1930s, the cities were purely decorative balconies built towards the street. They served optical architecture and representation and were intended to create an impression. The counterpart to this was the so-called economic balconies, which went out to the backyard and were mainly used for drying clothes. Some old buildings still have such old balconies, on which often only a chair can be found in the depth.
The balcony has its original origin in rural areas, where it was used as a dry deposit for goods.
The former balcony ideas had mostly purely pragmatic backgrounds, and acted less like a resort, as we classify it today, almost exclusively.

Types of balconies affect the balcony design

Colloquially, we use the French term ‘balcony’ as a synonym for all outdoor seats attached to the House. Strictly speaking, however, this is not correct, but rather depends on the respective construction method.
A balcony is an exit rising out of the wall on an upper floor with surrounding railing. If the open-air zone is walled up in the building structure of the house, it is a loggia. If vertical floor pillars support the exit surface, the design is called ‘Söller’ or ‘Altan’. If the free space is at the level of the ground floor of a building or even below, it is referred to as a terrace – which in turn is a covered veranda.
A special form that existed before is the so-called ‘French balcony’. It stands for a window reaching to the ground with railing and a small floor exit, which stands out only minimally from the facade front. These mini balconies were also often used as ‘cheer balconies’ during parades.
Depending on whether you live in an old building or a newer house and which balcony form belongs to your home: the local circumstances influence the possibilities to design your balcony significantly and should be taken into account when planning your open-air area.

Individual balcony design and suitable furniture for the balcony

Privacy plays an important role in the balcony design for many. So unobserved sunbathing is possible and also the chat with friends or family can take place in an intimate atmosphere. For this purpose, high-growing plants are very well suited to create a pleasant feel-good climate and natural shade.
If the balcony is too small for planting, umbrellas or awnings attached to the house wall are possible alternatives. However, you should always agree with your landlord.

Extra tip: awnings not only provide eye protection and sun protection but also hold off Wind relatively well in spring or autumn – provided they are not storms. So you can use your balcony not only in summer and depending on the weather you have an almost year-round outdoor season.

If the dimensions of your balcony allow it, balcony furniture, of course, must not be missing. Suitable for any garden furniture or furniture that is weather-resistant and easy to care for are. For a very narrow balcony, you can also make yourself storage or seating. With the help of a board made of treated wood and a hinge, such folding furniture can be easily made, which you fix to the wall of the house in a space-saving way. On top of that, your balcony design gets an extremely individual character.

Pretty and safe balcony decoration for comfort

With the selection of beautiful balcony decoration, you lend your surroundings a personal touch and make them homely. However, you should pay attention to the suitability of the decorative elements when decorating the balcony. Due to changing weather conditions, durable and stable materials are best suited for permanent use. If, on the other hand, you only need a temporary decoration for a balcony party, this only plays a minor role.
Very popular with the balcony decoration are lanterns, lanterns or torches, which conjure up an atmospheric light in the evening. Small plug-in figures or lanterns with self-charging LED lights are also very popular and safe balcony design ideas – especially when small children are nearby.
As a tasteful balcony decoration for the table or outdoor dining area, colorful or plain-colored oilcloth tablecloths are ideal because they are washable and do not suck so quickly with pounding rainwater if your balcony has no canopy.
In addition, herbs per DIY should not be missing in any balcony design. Herbal pots find a place with almost every balcony decoration and so you always have healthy enjoyment for the preparation of your food available.

Have the balcony ideas and explanations aroused your interest and do you want more inspirations to look at?
Here you will find numerous pictures. Let yourself be inspired, and collect attractive balcony design ideas for your home!

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