15 Natural Remedies

15 Natural Remedies For Common Health Issues


  • Natural remedies for heart & circulation
  • Help for bones & joints
  • Natural remedies for stomach & intestines
  • Support for metabolism & other

With many everyday complaints, one simply quickly reaches for the tablet. There are also numerous natural remedies with which we can help ourselves wonderfully. This really helps to alleviate these common diseases:

Natural remedies for heart & circulation

Coronary Heart Disease

Sports and nutrition are at the forefront of the treatment of vascular diseases. But one should not overexert oneself. The ideal is endurance sports and Yoga. A natural remedy that also tastes good is dark chocolate. Also recommended are fish oils, walnuts, green tea, soy protein, pomegranate, linseed, almonds and especially garlic. The included remedies Allicin acts as a blood thinner and purifier. Hawthorn also ensures more permeable coronary vessels.


Here, green vegetables (e.g. broccoli or spinach) are required, as it relaxes the vessels. Also green and helpful: fresh celery lowers blood pressure. But also bright beetroot juice has it in itself. A small glass per day expands the vessels.


Daily 2-4 cups of this healing tea relieve the vessels: 50g buckwheat herb, 50g red vine leaves, as well as 30g yarrow and horsetail herb mix and let 2 tsp of it in hot water for 10 minutes. In general, with varicose veins: avoid sitting and standing, but walk and lie a lot. Horse chestnut has a soothing effect on the heaviness in the legs.

Help for bones & joints


Here, exercise is in the foreground: hiking, dancing, water aerobics, cycling, and walking are best suited. Acutely analgesic is cooling curd wraps, which are placed on the joint for 20 minutes and Devil’s claw. The remedy is available at the pharmacy.


Here, too, cold compresses of diluted essential Oils to help, for example with “Retterspitz External” from the pharmacy soaked and aching wrist.


Calcium is cure number 1. 100g Gouda, for example, already contains 800mg. Green tea and turmeric also help against bone loss. Mix the butter with honey and take half a teaspoon daily!

Rheumatoid Arthritis

A natural remedy is nettle tea, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. Warmth is particularly beneficial against the stiff feeling. Tip: Warm dried legumes in a bowl, dip your hands or feet and move gently.

Natural remedies for stomach & intestines


Natural relief creates anise, fennel, and caraway, for example, taken as a tea. Alternatively, an Aryuvedic remedy for flatulence helps: take 1/2 tsp of grated ginger and lime juice mixed with a pinch of rock salt with each meal.

Intestinal inertia

An old miracle cure for sluggish digestion is a glass of warm water on an empty stomach. Flaxseed, psyllium seeds and their shells have a slightly laxative effect. In the case of strong problems, a buckthorn bark tea from the pharmacy helps.

Stomach problems

Grandma’s secret recipe from childhood: massage the stomach clockwise with 1 tbsp Body Oil. Heat is a natural remedy for stomach pain, a hot water bottle or an evening Melissa Bath has a soothing effect, especially for nervous complaints.


This is about neutralizing the acid naturally. For example, a small piece of raw potato, which is well chewed and eaten, or 1 tbsp of Healing Earth to drink in warm water to bind stomach acid, fats, and pollutants.


Natural help against inflammation is provided by ointments from the medicinal plant’s witch hazel and witch hazel. Chamomile sitting baths also have a soothing soothing effect.

Support for metabolism & other


Again, exercise is the best remedy. 6 km a day is recommended. Strength sports are also suitable for muscle building. Muscles burn sugar and thus counteract blood sugar fluctuations. A natural blood sugar-lowering agent is fenugreek.

High Cholesterol

Natural blood fat sinks are garlic, artichoke and flea seed husks. A wonderful remedy is a tea made from artichoke, wild garlic, barberry, milk Thistle and couch grass root. In the morning and evening, let 1 tsp of the mixture in hot water for 5 minutes and drink.

Nerve damage

Against deaf legs and feet, it helps to alternately spread and claw the toes, as well as to massage the lower legs with a hedgehog ball. In addition, it was recommended to walk barefoot inside.

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